The artist who lives in an egg



Dear Easter Bunny: Forget the chocolate, buddy. This is the kind of egg I would like to find in our backyard egg hunt this Easter, please.

“If you are looking for an intimate hideaway, a stylish chill-out room, a zen space or luxury glamping pad then The Egg can provide the ideal solution. Locate it in your garden, hang it from a tree or float it out onto a lake…” –

I want this Egg. I need an egg-shaped zen space. Need.



The  floating sculpture pictured is the first prototype and is home, laboratory and studio for UK artist, Stephen Turner who will spend a year living in The Egg moored in the estuary of the River Beaulieu, Hampshire, UK.

The Exbury Egg is a grand art residency in which the artist documents life on a tidal estuary inside the structure while the Egg’s exterior will show the effects of nature by taking on the patina of 730 daily tides and the 365-day effects of weathering by rain, wind and sun bleaching.

“At the end of a year on the river, it will become a sculptural installation about time and change. This hugely symbolic form tells its own story on the outside while within becoming an archive of the artist’s own narratives.” –Exbury

A collaboration between the artist, designers, engineers, architects and master builders the 6m x 3.6m Egg was designed on a restaurant receipt pad at the local pub, inspired by a gull’s egg discovered during a walk around the estuary.

The Egg was constructed by local boat builders as a cold moulded cedar-sheathed structure with local Douglas Fir for supporting ribs and internal framing-  continuing an age-old tradition of timber marine construction, which can be traced back many centuries on the Beaulieu River.


Exbury Egg



egg19 egg18


Find more at:  – There is an Egg-cam!

Read the artist’s blog 

Want your own Egg? You can find out how to get one here

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