Friends, Queenslanders, Countrymen: Lend me your Pineapples

The 100,000 gallon water tank on top of the Hawaiian Pineapple Company plant was a Honolulu landmark. Image source:

When the Seeker is called upon to help unite the pineapples of the world, the Seeker acts.  After all, I am the self-appointed champion of the Lesser Known Small Pineapple of Ballina and in the spirit of all things pineapple, I am pleased to share the following news:

Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) is looking for pineapples to be loaned for an upcoming major new art installation being created by Los Angeles artist collective, Fallen Fruit.

They are looking for pineapple images and objects – even tins of pineapples from across the globe.

The pineapples callout is to create Fallen Fruit of Brisbane: Pineapple Express! which be be a large, site-specific artwork specially commissioned for ‘Harvest’, GOMA’s major exhibition exploring the production, consumption and symbolism of food, opening 28 June.

A major photographic-collage pineapple  wallpaper and a large-scale cabinet of pineapple-related objects and paraphernalia will greet visitors as they enter the building.

Fallen Fruit are looking for submissions of art objects, drawings, paintings, photographs or mementos that celebrate ‘pineapple’ in one way or another (regardless of how abstract).

They are also calling on the international community to donate cans of pineapple; tins with labels in languages that represent everyone, everywhere, and show the international reach of this tropical fruit.

 How to submit a pineapple: 

To submit a pineapple-related object for possible inclusion visit between May 7 and May 24.

For more information on Harvest visit

Fallen Fruit will review all of the online submissions, then select the strongest and most ostentatious for inclusion in the final installation.

Strongest and most ostentatious pineapples only, people!


What pineapple will you submit?

Here are some suggestions from Fallen Fruit:

– Maybe your grandmother has a collection of tchotchkes?

– A welcome matt or sign at the front door?

– Are there special dishes that have pineapples painted on them?

– A bowl or wall hangings with pineapple themed fruit ornamentation?

– Earrings or jewellery?

– Waxed or plastic pineapple?

– Paintings – old or new, personal or collected art

– Handwritten or typed recipes from your great aunt?

– Maybe your aunt or uncle photographed landscapes and some of those pictures include pineapples?


Pineapple’s for your Perusal

In honour of this splendid callout for strong and ostentatious pineapples, I share with you a selection of pineapples from a lovely little blog I recently discovered called, appropriately enough,  Tiny Pineapple.



typhone-pineapple stunned-small pineapples-ready-to-ship-florida-small libbys-surfer-girl


via Tiny Pineapple



Reg Mombassa via Tiny Pineapple



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