Hand-Coloured Postcards :: Queensland from 1905 until 1915

toowoomba 1910 sandgate queen street02 1910 queen street 1910 observatory north quay 1910 neurum creek indooroopilly hamilton reach 1910 george street general hospital enoggera

Before Instagram; before Facebook and before everybody became an instant photographer with a digital camera and smart phone in their pocket, there was this quaint pastime of sending printed postcards when you were on holiday. You had to buy the postcard and send it through the mail and it may have taken weeks to reach its destination… Can you imagine?!

You know I am a fan of hand-painted photographs, and these vintage postcards are fine examples of that artform. The images depict Brisbane and other places in Queensland in the era of horse-drawn carriages and steamships cruising up the Brisbane River.

Henry Mobsby, a photographer with the Qld Govt Dept of Tourism, is believed to be one of the photographers of these images.

I love the look of these postcards, but what I also appreciate is the slow and deliberate way they have been hand-produced. The time that would have been spent capturing and reproducing the original photograph; the time spent handcolouring that image then the careful work involved in designing, printing and distributing the postcards… not to mention the handwriting and posting the card by mail.

This is  small selection of around 70 images of these coloured vintage postcards  – you can find the full set on Flickr here Well worth a viewing.

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